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In my dreams, I am a Kenyan

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nourriture-et-fleurs asked: Hey boo! So I know you ate paleo when you were starting out... Do you have any advice on going balls to the wall like you did? Fave recipes? How you handled cheat meals (did you have any)? Thinking about doing it, and would certainly appreciate your help! You were so so so successful with it!! Xoxox ❤️❤️❤️

Ummm I suck and I don’t know how long ago you sent me this.

To be honest, it’s almost been 2 years since I stopped doing paleo, I did lose like 80 lbs but I wasn’t TOO TOO strict with it. I ate cheese, because I love cheese and I can’t live without it. I guess maybe a real paleo person would call me glorified Atkins lol. As log as you behave 80% of te time you’re fine. The real no nos are the grains, no bread no rice no pasta. Don’t worry about carbs, just grains.

Also, eat bacon because is delicious and totally allowed.

You’re beautiful annnnnddd I want to be like you FYI (for real lol)

Sorry I’m no paleo help I suck

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Anonymous asked: i went RUNNING today for the first time , I ran 15mins is it good ? xx love u

Uhhh YES! That’s great running even one minute is good! Way to gooooo

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angelicamariehansen asked: Hey home skillet. I wanted to say, I love your before and after picture. I have been going through a large weight loss (80 lbs. down) and I love doing before and after pictures. It makes me feel good and keeps me going! In my pictures I make it a point to smile and be excited at how far I've come. In most before and afters, people seem kind of grumpy and displeased with the progress and that bugs the crap out of me! But not you! When I feel grumpy I look at yours and I feel happy 💛 Great work!

Thank you SO much! I’m an incredibly smiley, sarcastic person. I try not to take life TOO seriously. Thanks for bein a doll and best of luck deary!

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Speaking of awesome, coconut encrusted flounder with mango salsa, grilled asparagus & Cajun rice. NOM

Speaking of awesome, coconut encrusted flounder with mango salsa, grilled asparagus & Cajun rice. NOM

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Crazy hair and cute new running top!

(( did I mention how hard I FEASTED yesterday?? Soo full, my tummys maaaddddd at me))