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In my dreams, I am a Kenyan

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annenihilate asked: I just wanted to ask how you got turned on to those crazy shoes with the toes? They look nuts but I even saw a nurse wearing them! I didn't get to ask her, haha. How are they? Do your toes feel weird at all? Do you run in them? Also, do you know what shoe stores have knowledgeable salespeople? I went to a foot locker once and dude had no idea how to help me. Sorry I couldn't message you from my fitblr account, it's attached to this one. ^^

Haha I LOVE my vibrams. They’re very minimalist there’s nothin to em really. You can wear them with or without socks (I tend to have smelly feet so I wear socks, little athletic toesocks made by Injinji) and YES I run in them. I get weird looks and comments from other runners all the time, people who are so used to big bulky typical stabilizer running shoes like Brooks or Asics they just seem foreign. I had a guy DURING MY MARATHON tell me “you can’t run a marathon in those!!” To which I replied “Watch me!” They’re not for everyone, I would imagine the switch from standard running shoes to vibrams would be hard or shocking (i started running in shine of 2013 in them, never had “regular” running shoes) but definitely worth it. They change the way you run, and completely eliminate the heel striking that leads to knee or joint injuries and they give you some crazy rockin runners calves! Sorry I’m so wordy lol I told you I love them!